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Auckland Truck Cash Buyers

Selling your old car for cash the intelligent way - with free removal included.

Opting for Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd offers several advantages. We provide immediate cash for cars, offering up to $5000. We purchase cars of all makes and models, regardless of their age or condition. What’s more, our service includes complimentary removal, saving you hundreds of dollars.

We offer the highest cash payout for your vehicle.

 Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd: Offering Up to $15,000 for Old and Unwanted Trucks in the Entire Canterbury Region. We pay top dollar, up to $15,000, regardless of your truck’s make or model. Whether your truck is a rusty relic hidden in the bushes or a functioning vehicle you no longer need, we’re ready to pay cash for it.

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Seeking a dependable vehicle dismantler in Auckland?

We provide complimentary car removal services from any location within Auckland.

 Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd is a dedicated car removal service in Auckland. When we say “Free car removal,” it’s not just about removing your vehicle; it’s about delivering a comprehensive package of exceptional services.

1. Instant Cash Quotes & Payments: We provide immediate quotes for your car and offer cash payments on the spot when you decide to sell your old car to us. You can receive a cash quote by either calling us at 0800 33 66 77 or filling out our online quote request form.

2. Cash Payments of Up to $5000: We pay you in cash, offering up to $5000 for any car. The actual amount depends on factors like the make, model, age, and condition of your vehicle.

3. Free Car Removals: Once you’ve sold your car to us, we take care of removing it at no cost to you. You can choose to have the car removed immediately or schedule it for a more convenient time that suits your needs.

4. Free Paperwork: We handle the necessary paperwork, which is a crucial aspect of the car sale transaction. Our team is experienced in this process, and you’ll have minimal paperwork to manage as the seller.

When we arrive, please ensure the following:

– Your car is parked in an easily accessible area if possible.

– Have your driver’s license or another form of photo ID ready.

– Provide the title for your car.

– Remove the plates from your car if possible.

Rest assured, Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd is here to make the entire process convenient, efficient, and financially rewarding for you.