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No-Cost Vehicle Removal Service in Auckland

We offer free vehicle removal services and provide top cash for cars.

Free Car Removal is a service provided by Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd, where we offer up to $5000 cash for cars, up to $9000 cash for vans, and up to $15000 cash for trucks. We also ensure prompt and complimentary removal of these vehicles in Auckland. At Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd, our primary focus is on providing free vehicle removal with no expense to the seller. Our vehicle removal service is known for its reliability and efficiency, offering you both cash and peace of mind. Indeed, we provide top instant cash for your vehicle and take care of the removal process at no cost to you.

Free Car Removal Service by Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd

Auckland Kiwi Car Parts Ltd’s Free Car Removal service lives up to its name. We take pride in providing a comprehensive and completely cost-free removal service in Auckland, allowing our customers to save money. This service is beneficial if you have an unwanted vehicle of any type that you wish to pass on. We purchase all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their make, model, age, or condition. You may have thought that having no WOF or REGO meant you had to pay a towing company to pick up your vehicle. However, our free car removal service is designed precisely for such situations. We buy your vehicle as-is, where-is, and offer you the best cash payment on the spot. Additionally, we typically remove your vehicle free of charge, often immediately.

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Seeking a dependable vehicle dismantler in Auckland?

Dependable Car Removal Service in Auckland

When you find yourself in need of a dependable and free car removal service in Auckland, we step up and say “YES.” Our free car removal service is designed to leave you with a smile. In most cases, we can be at your doorstep within an hour of your initial contact or after you’ve accepted a cash quote over the phone. We understand that when you want a car gone, you want it gone as quickly as possible. It’s truly fantastic to be able to transform it into a substantial amount of cash and have it removed promptly. Yes, our reliable free car removal service will deliver precisely that result.

Coverage of Our Complimentary Vehicle Removal Service

Our free car removal service extends across the entirety of Auckland city. The availability of this service may vary depending on the type of vehicle we’re purchasing from you. Specifically, we prioritize diesel-powered vans, 4WDs, and trucks from rural Auckland regions, and for these types of vehicles, we gladly offer free removal with a smile.

Are you looking to dispose of a vehicle?

If you have a vehicle you no longer want and wish to have it removed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us at 0800 33 66 77 or use the “get a quote” form on this website to request a quote. Be sure to have your vehicle’s registration number ready for reference, or you can submit it online. We will promptly provide you with a highly competitive cash quote.